How Neighbors Make Deals

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Post your item for sale, trade, barter or any of the other types of deals available through NeighborDeals. (Sell that sofa. Offer your pet sitting services. Share some storage space.)

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People in your building view your listing. The buyer could be just a few doors down!

How Neighbors Get Deals

NeighborDeals is Commerce

NeighborDeals creates a new marketplace of Classifieds posted by Community members and Advertisements run by local Merchants.

Get Deals From Merchants

Merchants offer deals created specifically for Neighbors, eliminating misguided, unwanted door hangers or "under the door" or "in the mailbox" flyers.

Get Local

Through NeighborDeals, Merchants engage residents in a Community-approved way to offer meaningful deals, while strengthening ties to local, loyal customers.

How You Meet Other Neighbors

NeighborDeals is a Community. Members may share interests and information by joining virtual NeighborDeals Social Clubs built around the topics of their choice, such as favorite books, recreation, health and wellness, faith and others.

NeighborDeals helps make your community feel more like home for all who live there.

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Why Use NeighborDeals?

NeighborDeals provides a convenient, safe, easy-to-use community forum for neighbors to buy, sell, barter, borrow, share or swap goods and services.

Know who you’re doing business with. Check out the merchandise in person. Eliminate shipping and handling fees.

Shorten your search. Discover what’s outside your door or down a floor.

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